Who we are & what we do

Our philosophy is simple, to make great drinks while having a awesome party. We have bartenders that have years of experience making and inventing cocktails so we REALLY know our stuff!

Our extensive menu, packed with a variety of fresh fruits, juices, and few things that are a little left field, This has all been honed over the years since we first started pouring drinks while in our first bar job.....

Drinks are our thing (as you might have gathered!), but if you need a little sustenance while you're here, we offer a range of bar snacks and nibbles

Cocktail Masterclass

Because we LOVE cocktails, and we want to share the LOVE

We like cocktails, straight-up, long, blended you name we'll drink it! From the base ingredients, shaking it
up (and the best bit) finally tasting. Presentation is everything but just as important is a good balance of tastes.

We also love to share our knowledge and skills so you can be the host of your own cocktail parties and develop
your own cocktails. It is great fun and of course you drink what you make.

Prices are just £50 for 2 people!

If you are booking a party then this is the perfect start to your night out, or just as popular is using it a team
building icebreaker for work.

Classes are about 90 minutes long (depending on how big the group is), and we get you started on a practical
lesson making 3 cocktails. Not forgetting anything you make, you can drink!


Mobile Bar Hire

Planning What to Do

Baruba Mobile Bar Hire

After an initial meeting where you set out what it is exactly you require, how many people, what style of bar, how long you
need it to be open and all the other stuff you can't think of right now.

Once this brief is finalised we will send it you to approve and confirm. As soon as we get the approval, you can relax we
will take care of everything.

Getting the Party Started

Baruba Mobile Bar Hire

By setting up in good time everything will be ready for when you need it and is one less thing to worry about!

The Team at Baruba provide as many bartenders as you need to ensure that you get a professional and flexible service.


A Word from our Customers....


We are here... come and join us


Our Blog, News & Other Stuff...

A few things that we like that is going on in our little universe


Want to Rent Baruba for just your friends?

If you have a party coming up and want to celebrate in style? If that is you, and you want somewhere a
bit different to host your party, then get in touch.

Exlusive hire is available all week, so provided the date is free you can host your own party.

If you need food then we can provide this through our catering partners.
prices are £6, £8, or £10 per head.


It's Good to Talk

Well we think so, so if you have anything you want to tell us (good or bad), have brilliant a suggestion for new drinks, or just want to say hello, then drop us a line.